Durable Cutting Boards, Serving Boards, & Custom Orders

Crafted exclusively for Durable Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment, these beautiful solid wood Durable Cutting BoardsTM are manufactured in the USA by local custom fine wood craftsmen. They are manufactured with hand selected, all natural, untreated woods with 3 coats of food grade mineral applied to them before they leave the wood shop. 

Choose from American Hard Maple & Brazilian Cherry woods. These woods were selected for manufacturing not only because of their beauty, but also due to their durability and qualities of being safe to use with fine cutlery (our engineers do not recommend bamboo because it destroys the cutting edge). Natural color variation in natural solid hardwoods is due to the particular minerals in the soil where the tree was grown. These uniquely beautiful boards are designed to be used as either a cutting board or serving board. 

*We offer an option to ship direct as a gift with a free giftcard and we also fulfill custom orders.

Click on the product pictures below. Scroll down further for Natural Wood Care information. A free 4.5 oz. container of all natural Golden Wood Care conditioner is included with every naturally beautiful board purchase. 

Please note: Although it looks nice, we don't offer (and don't recommend) any boards with crossgrain glued to the regular grain (some companies do this on both ends of a board) due to the lack of durability...it will crack when the moisture content changes.

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Natural Wood Care

To help keep your wood products beautiful they must be properly cleaned and maintained.  All wood products from Durable Cutting Boards are treated with 3 coats of Food Grade Mineral Oil before they leave the factory. Apply our food safe All Natural Golden Wood Care paste in the direction of the grain as needed.

Cleaning & Care:

Using hot tap water, a small amount of mild soap, and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, hand wash the wood item, then hand dry thoroughly with a lint-free cotton cloth and stand up to dry.

Never wash wood products in dishwasher, never soak wood products in water, never use in microwave or conventional oven, never leave in direct sunlight, never use vegetable oil on wood (vegetable oils will build up over time leaving tacky wood and may go rancid). Leaving boards submersed in water will allow them to absorb too much water and possibly warp after drying out.  Width and thickness naturally can change depending on moisture content, so to avoid this, quickly dry off boards after getting them wet. 


Our all natural Golden Wood Care paste (sold separately) is an organic blend of food grade mineral oil (to condition) and 100% beeswax (which has water-resistant traits) and has a natural and very light, wonderful honey scent. Application will depend upon how frequently you use your wood products.  If you allow your cutting board to become dry, it may begin to crack.

When applying our all natural Golden Wood Care paste, apply to dry cutting boards with a lint free cotton cloth, rub in the direction of the grain, then rub excess off. This wonderful wood treatment penetrates the wood and leaves a soft protective luster to wood products, including natural cutting boards, wooden spoons, and wooden handles of knives and spatulas. If you choose not to purchase our Golden Wood Care paste, a suggestion would be to buy food grade mineral oil at your local pharmacy and apply that in the same manner.

If you need to sanitize the board, do not use bleach. Use one part vinegar to five parts water and spray a mist of this solution on your cutting board. To remove odors, rub the board with kosher salt and half a lemon, let sit for 2 minutes, wipe clean with a damp cloth, remove excess moisture with a clean paper towel and stand the board on end to air dry.

Storage:  store in a dry area away from extreme temperatures. Keep one end propped up when not in use for maximum air ventilation.

Cutting Board Use:

One cutting board should be used for chopping fruits, vegetables, nuts and non-meat foods and another cutting board should be used exclusively to cut raw meat and poultry.