FOGG-IT Superfine Nozzle For Watering New Seed Flats

Foggit Nozzle for watering seed flats and misting delicate plants (.5gpm). Three mist jets create a conical spray pattern. Buy in greenhousestore.
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  • Item #: FN.5GPM

Water seed flats carefully and efficiently with this heavy-duty brass Superfine Fogg-It Nozzle. This nozzle has three mist jets which create a conical spray pattern and output a total of .5 gallon of water per minute @ 40PSI.  3/4" hose threads.

Designed for:

* watering new seed flats

* misting delicate seedlings, flowers, and adult orchids

* 3/4" hose threads fit onto most local hardware store or nursery store watering wands

Suggestion: experiment with your optimal moisture content before doing a large production, especially with keeping soil moist but not saturated.


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