Pro-Grow GC-1 Control Thermostat for Pro-Grow Heat Mats

Pro-Grow Heavy Duty Control Thermostat designed for use with Pro-Grow Heavy Duty Propagating Mats. Manufactured in USA. Built to last. #1 in durable growing equipment.
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  • Item #: Model GC-1


Pro-GrowTM GC-1 Gro-Control has heavy-duty steel enclosed capillary tube design manufactured to withstand the greenhouse environment. Capillary length is 30 in. with sensing bulb allowing for remote sensing. Thermostat control range40-100 degrees F, with dial adjustment. Designed to control soil temperature to within 1 degree F of thermostat setting to ensure optimum seed germination and uniform plant growth. 

  • Model GC-1 Gro-Control is designed for use with 1 Pro-Grow Heavy-Duty Propagating Mat (works excellent with all mat models - sold separately). 
  • Includes 6 ft. cord with series tap plug. 
  • 120V-720W-8A res. / est. shipping wt. 2  LBS. 
  • For optional mounting: no extra mounting brackets necessary - all models are designed with 2 screw/fastener mounts on top and 2 screw/fastener mounts on bottom (screws/fasteners not included)
  • Made in USA.

Heavy-Duty Construction for durability and longevity.

Note: all control thermostats are currently manufactured with brush stainless steel; updated pictures coming soon

Enjoy increased production year-after-year with Pro-GrowTM, a trusted brand in manufacturing heavy-duty horticulture products in the U.S.APro-Grow is the #1 Durable Control Thermostat for Seedling Propagation Heat Mats.


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2023 Pricing $90.00