Pro-Grow GC-28 Sequence Timer Control

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  • Item #: Model GC-28


Heavy duty steel enclosed Sequence Timer Control has the following Timing Ranges: ON: 0 to 100 Sec. & OFF: 0 to 100 Min.  

These Pro-Grow dependable proven timers are ready to use - just plug in the power cord, connect the 24V output wires, and set the control knobs to the desired "on" and "off" times.  Connect the output to conrolled devices such as MISTING SYSTEMS, DRIP WATERING SYSTEMS, etc. for PRECISE TIMING CONTROL.  The transformer is built into this model.

Turn on the power switch and the control will continually cycle the "on" and "off" times sequentially until the power switch is turned off.  

Pilot lights indicate "power on" and the "on" and "off" time of the controlled device.

The controls are built in a heavy gauge rugged steel enclosure with FACTORY baked enamel finish to withstand the greenhouse environment.

These timers can also be used for a wide variety of other timing applications.

Electrical Input 120VAC, Output 1.6A@24VAC, indicating pilot lights, power switch, fused output; 6 ft. cord with grounding plug, low voltage terminal block connections.

Est. shipping weight 6 LBS. Made in USA.


Enjoy increased production year-after-year with Pro-GrowTM, a trusted brand in manufacturing heavy-duty horticulture products in the U.S.A. for over 30 years.


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