Pro-Kit Package (PK4): Four PM-9A Mats + GC-4 Control Thermostat

Pro-Grow Propagation-Seed Starting Mat with Control Thermostat designed heavy-duty to withstand the greenhouse environment. For professional growers, hobby growers, universities, and other gov.agencies.
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  • Item #: Model PK4

Each of the 4 Commercial Grade energy efficient seed starting/plant propagation mats are 22 in. X 60 in., with 6 foot cords and 120V-200W-1.67A. Each mat holds 5 standard 1020 (10" X 20") flats (flats not included).  Mats are designed for even heating and are made from special heavy duty, rugged long lasting rubber that growers prefer over flimsy strong odor plastic (phthalates) mats. Our material, which is truly heavy-duty, is made only in the red color. Impermeable to soil chemicals and fertilizers. Rolls up for storage.

Pro-Grow's GC-4 Control Thermostat has a heavy-duty steel enclosed capillary tube design with baked enamel finish to withstand the greenhouse environment. Capillary length is 30 in. with sensing bulb allowing for remote sensing. Thermostat control range 40-100 degree F, with dial adjustment and pilot light.  Has receptacles for 4 mats. Cord 6 ft. with grounding plug. 120V-1000W-8.3A res. 1/6HP IND. / est. shipping wt. 59 LBS .  Made in USA.

These ProvenProfessional Grade mats and thermostat can provide years of excellent performance in your propagation program.  #1 grower's choice. In addition, daisy-chaining is never recommended for anything.

*NOTES: Monitor soil moisture so seeds do not dry out or are not saturated with water. Overwatering can lead to damping off. 

Suggestion on growing medium: Start seeds in a specific seed-starting mixture. We suggest using a sterilized growing medium for seed starting mixes as well as potting mixes. See Pro-Grow's line of heavy-duty soil sterilizers (click here).

Enjoy increased production year-after-year with Pro-GrowTM, a trusted brand in manufacturing heavy-duty horticulture products in the U.S.A. for over 30 years.


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