Heavy Duty Seed Germination Mats - Propagation Heat Mats

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Manufactured in the U.S.A., Pro-GrowTM Heavy-Duty Professional Red Propagation Mats are chosen by successful growers for their built-to-last design and excellent quality manufacturing. The firm rubber creates an excellent surface which allows mats to stay flat, never bunch up, yet easily roll up for storage. Red Rubber is the material of choice because it does not have the undesirable properties associated with using cheaper materials such as rubberized pvc which is flimsy, slippery, and can have a strong odor. 

Flats and pots can be placed directly onto these energy efficient mats for germinating seeds and starting cuttings. Available for purchase here in our on-line store. Click on the pictures below for more details...and welcome to Pro-Grow's line of durable Propagation Mats!  Pro-GrowTM is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing their full product line in the U.S.A. Grow with what works, Pro-Grow's line of heavy-duty greenhouse and nursery equipment. 


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*Pro-GrowTM Heavy-Duty Propagation Mats AKA "the mats that last".