STEM Education Seed Propagation Kit (CP2D) holds 2 flats

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  • Item #: Model CP2-D

Inspire Science-Technology-Engineering-Math: Inspire students to dream big, never give up, and to go from avoiding the work, to putting their heart into it. It’s not rocket science…yet.TM 

*NOTE: due to current high demand, please allow 1 week lead-time on this kit.

Pro-Grow's Commercial Grade, energy efficient seed starting/plant propagation mat is 22 in. X 22 in., with a 6 foot cord and 120V-100W-.83A. Holds 2 standard 1020 (10" X 20") flats.  Mats are designed for even heating and are made from special heavy duty, rugged long lasting rubber that will outlast flimsy strong odor plastic (phthalates) mats. Our special material, which is truly heavy-duty, is made only in the red color.

Pro-Grow's GC-2 Thermostat with 2 grounding receptacles is a rugged heavy duty STEEL enclosed capillary tube design and designed to work with propagation mat. Capillary length is 30" with sensing bulb allowing for remote soil sensing. Temperature is controlled from 40 deg. F to 100 deg. F, with dial adjustment. 6 foot cord with series tap plug. Electrical rating 120V-1500W-12.5A . May be used with up to 2 Pro-Grow Propagating mats (any model). 

This ProvenProfessional Grade mat and thermostat can provide years of excellent performance in your propagation program.  #1 grower's choice. In addition, daisy-chaining is never recommended for anything.

This bundled package includes:

  • 1 Pro-Grow Propagating Mat model PM-2 (22in X 22in) - holds two 1020 flats
  • 1 Pro-Grow Heavy-Duty Control Thermostat model GC-2 with 2 grounding receptacles
  • 2 standard 1020 flats 
  • 2 plastic dome covers

*NOTE: Monitor soil moisture so seeds do not dry out or are not saturated with water. Over watering at the root level can lead to damping off.

Once seedlings emerge: depending on your growing environment, as soon as seedlings emerge, dome should be propped up or removed and adequate air circulation provided to avoid damping off.

Suggestion on cleaning flats and dome covers: Flat containers and dome covers to be reused should be washed thoroughly to remove soil particles and plant debris before being treated with a disinfectant, even if there is no evidence of disease in the crop. Debris and organic matter can protect pathogens from coming in contact with the disinfectant solution. Solution of chlorine bleach: one part bleach and nine parts water. Rinse thoroughly.

Suggestion on growing medium: Start seeds in a specific seed-starting mixture. We suggest using a sterilized growing medium for seed starting mixes as well as potting mixes. See Pro-Grow's line of heavy-duty soil sterilizers (click here).

Pro-Grow is a trusted brand dedicated to engineering & manufacturing their entire line of heavy-duty horticulture products in the U.S.A. for over 30 years.

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