Pro-Grow Soil Mixers - Proven Design & Excellent Quality Parts

Known as "WORKHORSES", Pro-Grow's heavy-duty professional soil mixers are precision built with excellent quality parts and are known for their long trouble-free service. Engineered and manufactured to be #1 in durability, these mixers are relied upon in greenhouses and nurseries throughout the U.S.A. 

Rotor bar mixing agitator ensures uniform mixing with self-unloading feature. Heavy-Duty construction with strong gear motor power assures long life. Sliding plate discharge control with hand lever stops for desired flow rates. 

Pro-GrowTM Soil Mixers ship factory direct.  Pro-GrowTM ships every Soil Mixer on a special skid designed to allow for ease of moving them around on the ground using a fork-lift or a hand-truck.

Click on the pictures below for more details...and welcome to Pro-Grow's line of durable Soil Mixers! Built with experienced hands and built-to-last.

Pro-GrowTM has been a leader in the U.S.A. for over 30 years in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty equipment with a built-to-last reputation. *It's rare to find Pro-Grow's "workhorses" on the used market. 

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Pro-Grow's engineering team is dedicated to using excellent quality parts to deliver the reliability and durability that's given them the reputation of #1 in durability for over 30 years.